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能源与动力工程(Energy and Power Engineering


1.学制Schooling System


 The standard schooling lasts 4 years. The students will award the Bachelor degree of Engineering.

2. 培养目标(Purpose of Training Program


The major aims to cultivate oversea undergraduate students to become the future qualified engineers in the field of energy and power engineering. Through study and practice, the oversea students can systematically understand the Chinese culture; have a certain ability to communicate in Chinese; master the fundamental theories and basic practical skills of thermal, mechanical and electric fields, have professional and technical skills in the field of Energy and power engineering, obtain the ability on design, production, management, service and so on, adapt development and requirement of the field of energy and power engineering.

3.核心课程(Core Courses


Basic thermal knowledge (Engineering Thermodynamics, Engineering Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer Theory)basic Engineering design knowledge (Engineering graphics, Mechanical Principle, Mechanical design); basic Electrical and electronics knowledge (Electrical and electronics, Fundamental of automatic control);  technology, Control fundamental of mechanical engineering, Microcomputer principle and application, Hydraulic Marine engineering (The Structure and Principle of Internal Combustion Engine, The Structure and Principle of Steam Turbine, Power Auxiliary Machinery).