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近期,我院教师郑家广(通讯)、张刘挺(通讯),研究生张智、高东强等的研究成果“Heterostructured VF4@Ti3C2 catalyst improving reversible hydrogen storage properties of Mg(BH4)2”在《Chemical Engineering Journal》(IF=16.744,中科院SCI一区)上发表


近期,我院教师郑家广(通讯)张刘挺(通讯)研究生张智、高东强等的研究成果“Heterostructured VF4@Ti3C2 catalyst improving reversible hydrogen storage properties of Mg(BH4)2在《Chemical Engineering JournalIF=16.744,中科院SCI一区)上发表。


For solid-state hydrogen storage, Mg(BH4)2 has long been recognized as a promising material. However, its higher thermal stability is distant from conditions for practical application. Herein, it is effectively established that VF4 nanoparticles anchored on 2D Mxene Ti3C2 (VF4@Ti3C2) have efficiently catalytic effects towards the hydrogen storage process of Mg(BH4)2. The MBH-VF4@Ti3C2 sample started releasing hydrogen at 90 °C, which was 182 °C and 55 °C lower than those of additive-free Mg(BH4)2 and MBH-20Ti3C2 composites. Additionally, the MBH-20VF4@Ti3C2 composite desorbed more than 8 wt% H2 at 275 °C. The activation energies of dehydrogenation were reduced, and the improved reversibility of VF4@Ti3C2-doped Mg(BH4)2 was also discussed. According to microstructural study, the heterostructural VF4@Ti3C2 interacted with Mg(BH4)2 to produce VH2.01 and metallic Ti during re/dehydrogenation, which worked as active species to improve hydrogen storage performance in Mg(BH4)2.