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我院教师魏涛,陈代芬应Frontiers in Chemistry编辑部邀请在该杂志上发表Editorial article

作者: 发布时间:2023-01-04动态浏览次数:799

近期,为感谢两位老师为杂志做客座编辑期间的贡献,Frontiers in Chemistry编辑部邀请我院教师魏涛,陈代芬在该杂志上发表题为“Editorial: Advanced electrochemical energy devices”的Editorial article(编辑文章)。



The ever-increasing environmental issues and energy crisis have summoned up the carbon neutral strategy all over the world, thus promoting the development of new energy conversion technologies, such as wind, solar, fuel cells, as well as new energy storage technologies, especially electrochemical energy devices, among the various technologies, Supercapacitors (SCs), Li/K/Zn/Na/Mg ion/air batteries, and fuel cells  as advanced next-generation power sources have evoked a plethora of research owing to their high energy density, flexibility of scale and environmentally friendly features.


For the purpose of accelerating the development of electrochemical energy conversion and storage industry, a Research Topic of “Advanced Electrochemical Energy Devices” is proposed by the journal of Frontiers in Chemistry. Experts and researchers from many famous universities were invited to share their prospects or progress in this field. This Research Topic includes 4 papers, including 3 research papers and a review, which represents the current hot research directions in advanced electrochemical energy devices and the authors have given their insightful opinions about these technologies.